Heritage Valley

Customers choose granite when a project demands permanence; enduring color and texture with literally no-maintenance.

Unequaled as a material for fireplaces, steps, road and driveway curbing, terraces, and to pave beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, granite is also the favorite of many designers as an interior material for its unique colors and patterns, proven durability and lasting value.

One of the hardest natural stone material available, granite is not only an excellent choice for its beauty, but also for its durability and ease in cleaning.

Interior applications generally have a polished finish, however honed (smooth and unpolished) and flamed (rough textured) surfaces are also very popular. Exterior applications can also be polished, honed, flamed, split faced, bush hammered, or creatively textured with one of many processes.

Granite is available in slab and dimensional tile form with a surface finish already applied. You can use granite in almost any application;  new residential construction, renovations and restorations for both exterior and interior use and landscaping designs.

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